So this is it; I’m blogging!

Well this is it… the first ever sentence, in my first ever blog, for my first ever website, to promote my first ever business!

I’m hoping in time these will become more natural to me. When I was younger I was regularly found face down in a Roald Dahl book, but as the years go on, I’ve found it harder and harder to read. Nowadays my brain is so scatty it’s all I can do to read my order list to my wool reps! 

I’m hoping that this new blog will reach lots of you of who I’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting, so I would like to take the time to introduce myself properly.

Hello, I’m Sarah! I am married to Dave and we have one son (currently aged four) called Sidney. We also have a very old, stinky, hairy little puggy called Ollie. I have written an entire essay over on About Us, so I shan’t tell you anything obvious right now, maybe just throw in some random facts, and in time you’ll learn more and more!

So off the top of my head… I have a very strange phobia of hills and moths make my skin crawl. I used to think white chocolate was the best chocolate in all the land, and don’t get me wrong a white chocolate Tobelerone is genuine heaven, but in my ageing years I’m increasingly partial to milk chocolate, especially any flavoured with mint or peanut butter. I’m a hugger. Pink is my favourite colour. When I was little I won a Little Miss Pines competition whilst holidaying on the Isle of Wight, I can’t remember why though! My geography skills are awful, despite my love of travel. I never stop talking. I love lists (can you tell). I feel really happy when I find time to clean and/or organise my home (preferably both!). I am partial to a Prosecco or two. When my husband is in my bad books he sends me photos of cute animals, and he instantly gets out of trouble…

People who are kind and make me laugh are my favourite kind of people. My dad fed me a whole chilli pepper as a child after telling me it was an Indian green bean, my mouth still burns at the thought of it! I love being cosy inside when it’s raining outside. Flip flops are the best footwear ever invented. I love my son’s crazy imagination. I used to be a big music geek, and although wool has taken over now, the Rolling Stones and Kings of Leon are probs my faves! And one final one… I’d REALLY like to drive a monster truck…. If I could get my chocolate-filled, roly poly bum into one!

So there you have it, some totally random nonsense for you to digest.

At this point in a blog, my minds usually drifting off to what job I’m doing next, so thank you a million if you are still sticking with me. 

Let’s take a look back at May 2019…

We took two weeks off this month which is very rare. I worked solidly up to it so was truly exhausted and grateful for the time off and with my boys. Getting the shop ready to leave is like taking your child to their grandparents; you need to be sure everything is done. It’s hard leaving my shop as it’s such a huge part of me. I have made so many friends, I miss everyone and the wool so much, plus without wanting to sound big-headed, lots of my regulars come to chat to me so when I have time off I know my profits will suffer, but I’m back, charged and full of creative beans, so it’s all worth it. 

We had one of the weeks away in Spain, and it was so tough deciding what project to take with me, I left it to the last minute. In the end I chose a Scheepjes whirl in colour way ‘sea breeze tease’, and a new crochet shawl pattern I found online called ‘my voyage shawl’ written by a designer I follow on Instagram called Barberton Daisy.

I love supporting independent businesses and I think it is important support bricks and mortar yarn shops, Having said that I do love buying patterns from the clever folk that fill my Instagram feed as they too are trying to make their mark in this creative little world we love so much. 

So that’s what I chose for holiday and, for the first time in a very long time, I not only started, but finished a project during my time off! That’s what happens when you only take one project and aren’t surrounded by all the yarn… 

It was really lovely having some time out of real life; drinking beer in the sunshine next to the pool is always a highlight for me, but spending quality time with my family, and some friends who we went with, made it even better. We only had a seven day holiday, so with travel it seems to fly by in a second. We went on a cable car in Benalmadena which was stunning (once at the top that is, the steep incline was a little heart racer) and we visited a wool shop (obviously!) in Fuengirola. The owner was so lovely and very talented, she could knit and and crochet to a very skilled level, and her stock was a Norwegian brand that I’d never had the pleasure of sniffing before!

The rest of the time we just, ate, drank and lazed by the pool, it was lovely.   

And that was our holiday in Spain over, in the blink of an eye. We had a rubbish homeward journey; a delayed flight and a travel sick child is no fun. But like so many of us, as much as I love going away, I love coming back home, too. It was lovely to get into our own bed and see our little Puggy, who was a little chubby after his stay at the in-laws.

A week at home with no work to look forward to was a real novelty as, starting Number Four, I’ve only had time off if we had something to do. It was great being home mid-week with no real plans and, despite all getting ill (typical, right?!) it was amazing getting some time in my own craft room.

As mentioned above I love cleaning and organising my home, and that is my favourite room. Because my job and my hobby collide with one another, it easily becomes a dumping ground for my work, so it was really inspiring getting in there and reminding myself of all my crafty, wooly little treasures.

For many, that ‘back to work’ feeling is the worst, but it’s the total opposite for me. I was so excited to see everyone and get my hands on all my new WYS colour lab and Bo Peep yarn that had only arrived the day before I left for holiday!

West Yorkshire Spinners Bo Peep Yarn
Here’s that lovely Bo Peep yarn!

It’s been a full-on week. Most days I’ve been in the shop till 9pm getting it all tidy and fresh for its big photo shoot that happened, this weekend. It was lovely seeing the shop more tidy and organised than it has been since opening day. I’m really excited to launch this website and, as a total technophobe, it feels like such a huge hurdle for me; the start of a fresh chapter for both me and my little shop.

It was a great excuse to do all the jobs I’d needed to do for so long that never get done, so Dave made and put up new shelves, I did some painting, and I just had to make new bunting for the window, didn’t I!? I used the WYS bo peep yarn mentioned above, and what an absolute joy it is to work with; DELICIOUS in fact.

So the shop is looking really great, even if I do say so myself. 

I will have such fun messing about with my new window shelving, setting displays and making lots of pretty stuff. 

Other shop news this week, had me in tears. My very first ever rep Peter came and said his goodbyes to me. He’s nearly 80 so I can understand why he’s decided to retire, but I was very teary nevertheless. He is the loveliest man, but has invited me and my boys to lunch one Sunday so luckily it’s only goodbye on a work front, not in real life. He has been with me since before I even got the keys to the shop, and he’s always so complimentary about not only my shop but also me; considering he has over 40 years in the wool industry, I take it as a huge compliment.

Peter’s first and last days with me!

Peter, it has been an absolute pleasure, and you will be sorely missed. Your visits always made my day. 

Wooly skills I learnt this month…

  • How to crochet with beads
  • How to knit two socks at a time using the magic loop technique on circular needles
  • Perfecting the Kitchner stitch
  • How to make my own stitch markers

Projects completed this month…

A pair of knitted socks
My new window bunting, eek!
My voyage shawl
T-shirt yarn crocheted rug

So there you have it. My month of May.  Phewf!

And Still to come…

  • Tonight (26 May) we are going to Kayleigh and Ollie’s evening do after they were married this afternoon. I met Kayleigh through her Saturday chat and craft groups at Number Four, I can’t wait to see her in her dress. It’s so special to me that my customers become my friends.
  • First look at this website… eek!
  • I really must tidy my stock room as thats where all the ugly stuff gets dumped when I am tidying the shop… Whoops!
  • As always the fabulous hustle and bustle of the shop and my lovely customers. 
  • I plan on knitting some more of my Rico light and long cardigan, however my wooly plans rarely stay on schedule for more than an afternoon, so who knows. 

I Look forward to sharing my second blog with you at the end June. 

Thanks a million for reading. 

Sarah xx

6 Comments on “So this is it; I’m blogging!

  1. Thrilled that you have your website up and running Sarah. I hope it’s as successful as your beautiful shop.



    • Thank you Debbie. Look forward to your next visit! big kisses xxx


  2. What an inspiring story! I am a pensioner and grandmother now and have crafted all of my life and like you loved art but never really excelled at one thing. I was persuaded to go to teacher training college by my teachers instead of art school which is a bit of a regret really. However, I have dabbled in many crafts and loved them all – they have helped me through life’s ups and downs and bad bouts of post natal depression and later menopause issues. I started to crochet around 4 years ago and am now unstoppable! Due to health issues I can’t get to your lovely shop as you are a bit of a distance from me so look forward to when I can support you on line.
    I wish you all the best in your venture – it sounds amazing – very brave of you to share your story too.

    PS I love the bunting at the top of the page – is it your own pattern and would you share please?


    • Thank you so much Jane. I am always happy to post out if you see anything you like before I get an online shop up and running. The bunting pattern is in the blog, theres a link for it on there. Its by LULU loves and its called boho bunting! thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed the second blog x


  3. Pauline and myself love your shop Sarah, we so look forward to our time at knit and chat, so friendly and everyone is so kind. Your wools are amazing as you are. Love your Blog. We wish you every. Success as you richly deserve.


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