Sid, sunshine and sniffing wool; perfect!

Ooooh it’s blog time again! This is my third now, so I’m starting to feel like a total pro! 

It’s really hotting up out there, and I don’t know about you but I’ve been living by my fan. One thing that is probably not all that apparent about me is I go to the gym. I try to go minimum of twice a week for personal training and if I can fit in 3 sessions, even better, but my goodness the heat has been crippling there. I’ve never sweated so much in my life.

I mentioned in last months blog that I was going to look into my thyroid issues in a bit more depth. Basically I have an under active thyroid and always think the only side effects I suffer with are tiredness and my weight. Having looked into it a bit more (I’ve been diagnosed for over 5 years and only just thought about researching into it), it can also be the cause of my terrible memory, my anxiety, my rubbish immune system, my bad skin – the list goes on. I’ve actually accepted my weight because it won’t ever dramatically change unless I go on a hardcore Keto style diet, but that means no chocolate, booze, cake. EVER. I don’t eat a lot but if I was told I couldn’t I would be miserable. I’m healthy and fit so I just have to accept my size and shape. I would however LOVE to not always be so tired and forgetful. I bought myself a book called the thyroid diet, but my PT basically said it’s nonsense. SO i’m just going to have to continue on with my research. 

Bizarrely this month we took our son Sidney to see a specialist about his throat (he is absolutely fine, thank goodness) and when she sent the letter to us to confirm he is well, it said on there that she is a thyroid specialist, so I think I’ll look into her job more and hope she can point me in the right direction to improving my side effects. It would be amazing to be given some instructions that could change my life. 

Whilst on the subject of Sidney, it’s been a big month for him. He has finished preschool forever now, it was so emotional. I had a tear when I hugged all of his teachers and said thank you and goodbye, it’s been such a beautiful chapter of his little life.

Before the big leave, he also had sports day. It was the cutest thing ever, they are too little to be competitive (but us parents definitely aren’t) so it was just them all running up and down doing adorable things. I love how confident he has become and the independence he shows. 

He is still craft obsessed and been making ‘collections’ of ‘things’; the latest demand is to print pictures off of the computer. This morning, for example, I had to print multiple postage stamp images off with planes on. He’s very precise in his demands. It’s going to be a long 6 weeks to entertain such a little ball of energy. We went swimming today and they have some intensive swimming classes over the holidays that I’m thinking I’ll sign him up to. That should wear him out a bit. I’m also super excited about the new Lion King film so I definitely need to get that in the diary. He’s had quite a few adventures…. Look at the cute photos below. 

The shop has been as busy as usual,  it’s surprising that even with the heat people still keep me so busy. I had a HUGE Katia delivery that was very exciting but I wasn’t at all prepared for it, I hadn’t made room on the shelves (front of shop or stock room), nor had I priced them and it’s all the new Autumn/Winter range so I needed to do my maths and displays. Gill wasn’t free to help me in the shop but Luckily a friend of mine, Marie, came to my rescue one day to help me get it sorted. It has already proved very popular, which is such a relief.

When I choose new stock I try to think of what my customers would like, occasionally I go crazy and order stock I love but that I know most likely won’t be very popular to others, so when that stock sells I feel really chuffed. I have decided it will become my life ambition to encourage the world to knit with glittery pink yarn!!! I honestly have some AMAZING new yarns that you just have to come and see for yourself at the shop…. The squish and sniff ability is off the scale! Delicious!!!!!!!

This month I also topped up my hand dyed 4ply yarns from wool is the answer. The Dyer’s, Marie and Dominique, invited me over for tea whilst I chose my new wool, which lets be honest has got to be THE best perk of my job! They had been super busy dying new colours for their many upcoming wool festivals so I had lots of fun choosing new colours to stock. I was VERY happy to find they had fulfilled my desire to dye NEON colours too, yay! Whilst there, the girls asked me to join them in their latest podcast too, so it was a really fun evening.

The new yarns are already a huge hit at Number Four too, and the neons have all sold…. Which means they have to dye more… wahoo!

July has been a great success for the teaching side of my life.  I ran an all day beginners crochet class, and I was so impressed with all of the ladies who came,  they picked it up so well.

Ive also taught Crochet mandalas…

… Crochet corner to corner…

… and had a couple of one to one private lessons to help with peoples personal projects (including c2c graphs and crocheting a ripple blanket).

I have to say, I really take huge pride in my teaching. I am very passionate and always love to see people exceed their own expectations. I am not good at very much, so thank goodness I have my crochet skills. It’s a real pleasure being part of people’s new love and skill (or addiction- thats what mine is). One lady said to me, “I’ve never been able to understand crochet before, I’ve tried and tried, been taught, read books, watched YouTube, but I’ve almost given up “ my response was “yes but you’ve never been taught by me” and guess what, now she can crochet! Hahaha. It may sound arrogant, but I just want people to trust in me, that I WILL teach them to crochet. If I don’t believe in my skills then they won’t believe in theirs, and I’m yet to fail yet! 

This month we had a lovely number four night out, it was for all of my regular chat and crafters. It was really nice getting together in the sunshine, outside of my working hours for a few drinks and some food. I was a little squiffy (I don’t get out much) and as soon as I’ve had a drink I lose what little memory I have, but I do re-call a few compliments…….

(I don’t have many people to pat me on the back so when someone gives me a compliment, it’s lovely to hear. Don’t get me wrong, I find it hard to take compliments  and I get a bit shy, but nether the less I do love a bit of love. )

… It was really lovely to hear people telling me how proud I should be, that its down to me and my little shop that had brought us all together, I did look, at that moment down the table of my lovely friends, who were once just customers, and even strangers and felt very proud, I even patted myself on the back that night! 

I am going to start ‘interviewing’ my customers and sharing the videos on here.  Vlogs as well as Blogs. It was on the list of things I wanted to do when I first met my website creator, we had to narrow the list down to start with so I wasn’t overwhelmed, adding my other ideas in as I get more confident and see what will be popular. I want everyone to be inspired by others happiness and pride in what they are making. I also want to share the laughs we have, our top tips, our favourite yarns etc. So watch this space, and if you’d love to be involved please let me know.  On that subject, please do comment on the blogs (just scroll down!), if you like them, and spread the word. I know some people love reading blogs so it’ll be lovely knowing my hours at a computer have been appreciated!! There’s me needing that love again 🙂 

So there you have it my loves. Another month nearly out. I am VERY happy to say I do actually have some finished projects to show you this month. Not only did I finish a couple, I’ve also cast on LOTS more too. And I’ve found a new obsession in knitting jumpers. So hopefully next month I’ll have one of those to show you! I’m also busy with blankets and wall art and shawls….. you get the idea, so much yarn so little time! 

Wooly skills learnt:

  • Knitting sleeves
  • Fair isle knitting flat (rather than in the round) 
  • Tapestry crochet

Projects completed this month:

  • My long knitted cardigan. My first EVER knitted garment!
  • Crochet toadstools
  • Crochet valentine bunny
  • My Knitted houses

I do hope this blog has found you in good health and underneath a freezing cold flannel. I am taking the next week off work – I’m desperate to spend a few days with my little monkey and to recharge my batteries, so we’re off to visit friends and family down in Somerset. The lovely Gill will be holding the fort at the shop for me. I look forward to seeing what August has in stock for us all! 

Thanks as always for taking the time out of your day to read this.

Big love, Sarah xxx

2 Comments on “Sid, sunshine and sniffing wool; perfect!

  1. I can’t believe how your Fair Isle knitting has improved in just a short time – brilliant!

    I’d like to try tapestry crochet so a course in that when you’re ready Sarah would be great.


    • Yes definitely a tapestry crochet course in the pipeline! And thanks for the fair isle praise xxxx


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