Strange Times

Hello , to whomever finds themselves reading this! I thought id dedicate some of my “sitting on my bum” time to check in with you all , and to give you something to do for five minutes!

How are you doing during the coronavirus lockdown? What have you found yourselves doing to keep yourself from going a bit loopy? We can be sure of one thing, none of us will ever forget this time, we are officially a big part of history now.

I shall go against my normal instincts of waffling on for pages and pages and just give you a little snippet of what i’ve been up to. I have been home schooling my five year old Sidney , which has actually been very sweet, its lovely seeing him learn and wanting to learn, sadly he has the attention span of a gold fish, so class generally starts and finishes within 40 minutes! We have however spent heaps of quality time together, playing reading, and building lots and lots of lego kits! My husband Dave is at home too, i’ve been amazed at how well we are all getting along. Not one argument!!!! Plus Dave does ALL the cooking which has been fabulous as Its not a thing I enjoy! I do enjoy making our house pretty so i’ve been faffing and cleaning which has been nice, although I clean more now than ever , with us all being at home it soon gets a mess again, so thats been a good chore to keep me busy. I wasn’t clever enough to get any DIY supplies in before the lockdown, so not been able to decorate which would’ve been a good job to get done. Our garden has never had such love, we’ve really enjoyed all being out together in the sunshine its also been a good way of keeping active, I do have a tendency to turn into a sloth if I let myself! And of course i’ve had a little extra wool time. Not as much as i’d of liked because Sidney gets most of my time, but I have enjoyed the calming quality of my hobby to keep me inspired and sane.

I have found myself mainly knitting socks. One because i’m loving watching myself improve with each pair I knit, (for some of you) , you may remember when I opened Number four I was not a knitter, its been through sheer determination and patience that I have got to the stage I am now. And two, its been great using some of my sock yarn stash (THERE IS A LOT). I have also really enjoyed going back to my true love of amigurumi. Ive made a few little toys thats have been waiting for me to bring them to life for a very long time, my craft room is slowly filling with some seriously cute faces. I have also been doing a bit of garden crochet , the sunshine has fully inspired me, so I have pretty mandalas swinging about in the wind, and a lovely new table mat set for our outside table.

Not every day has been perfect though, having your shop shut is not nice, its my livelihood, for every day its shut is another day i’m not earning the money to pay my rent, electricity etc etc. In normal life I spend most of my time working hard to keep number four buzzing, encouraging customers to choose me over my internet rivals, and helping you all build new skills and create lovely new things. So understandably I have had the odd wobble with it. I also struggled a little with teaching my son as I panicked I would let him down, but his teacher has been wonderful at reassuring me, so that anxiety has passed. And of course like so many of us i’m missing my people so very much, I keep day dreaming of being at a huge party with all my friends and family, prosecco in hand, laughing the night away….. I CANT wait. If nothing else this time has definitely taught me to appreciate my life and who I treasure most.

So there you have it , after saying I wouldn’t waffle on too much, I have (obvs) .

Also for you attention , I have decided after a good chat with my accountant that I will be open for business every Tuesday until the lockdown Is over. Clearly not physically open, but I will be there for you to order wool etc and I will post out. I am asking for all orders to come through my facebook page via PM , if however you don’t use facebook then please place orders over my email (see contact page) I will then put your order together , and post out. If this is of interest to you please do get in touch and ill explain further. I am also going to post some ‘inspiration ‘ videos over on my facebook so hopefully my usual love of wool can rub off on you virtually.

And finally I really hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and sane. Don’t forget we are all in this together and likelihood is for every bad day you have someone you care about is too, so don’t be shy to talk about it. Big love to you all, and thanks for reading! Sarah xxx

4 Comments on “Strange Times

  1. Glad you are all safe and well and that you are able to do some on-line sales.

    Let’s hope things will soon be getting back to normal and we can have classes and hugs.

    Adore the turtle. xxx

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  2. So glad that you are all safe and well.

    Let’s hope things will soon be back to normal and we can have classes and hugs.

    Love the turtle. xxx


  3. So delighted you are all safe and well Sarah, Pauline and myself cannot wait to get back, we miss you all very much. I have not been able to do much knitting due to extreme pain in my hands. We did have a small with distance tea party with 8 people in the front for V E Rememberence which was good.
    Look forward to seeing you again.


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