New Beginnings

Well hello and welcome to my brand new, super shiny, all singing, all dancing, spangly new website. I can genuinely say I never in a million years thought I would be sat at a computer to do my work (i’m pretty convinced my I.T teacher from school wouldn’t either). Having a wool shop was so incredible, but I was an amateur at the technical stuff. I had wifi and a card machine but thats as far as it went. I’m not convinced I can claim my kettle boiling skills as technological? Everything was logged with pen and paper and a cash tin! Even my accounts are kept up to date with a notepad and pen. I feel much more at home when I only have my hands to rely on, it must be why I adore Crochet and knitting so much, as its just me and my hands to blame if something goes wrong.

So as I sit here with my 4th coffee of the day, (its 9.30am) I thought i’d write a new blog for my new website (which I think is blooming incredible – how clever are the designers at The Design Hive??). The Blogs and Vlogs are something i’d like to stay consistent with, as I feel they are a great outlet for me, and to remind you all, its a real human at the end of this website. This is still my only business and only source of income, so i’d like to make shopping with me as warm and welcoming as possible. I’d like you to think of me as a friend. And for me to feel like I have friends out there keeping up to date with me. 

You may of seen on my Vlog or Instagram posts that we have got a new puppy? His name is Blue and he is a French bulldog. He is beyond adorable and i’m completely obsessed. I think he’s become some what of a baby replacement for me. Sidney (my son) was at home with me for so long during lockdown that I became used to having someone dependent on me all the time again, I really do think thats when the broodiness began. I won’t go into lots of detail, but sadly I don’t think a second child will ever happen for us, so puppies are the only answer! And what an answer! He has brought us so much Joy already and he’s only been with us just over 2 weeks. I was REALLY naughty and got him in complete secret, so when my son and husband came home one evening, they just saw me with this little pup, it was the best surprise ever. My husband took it reasonably well, (he was actually white for a few hours in shock) and my son just adores him as much as me. He is now a well established part of the family and is causing all sorts of chaos. Our 13 year old pug is coping really well with his naughty little brother, and i’m starting to believe potty training is Beginning to Make sense to his tiny little brain, not that it stops him making messes in the house still, long live anti- bac wipes!

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Blue has been our biggest change to date. I have been decorating Sidney’s bedroom and playroom, it took so much longer than expected but his bedroom is totally finished. His playroom is a slower process but it is painted and papered, we also got Sidney some fish, and he loves looking after them, he never forgets to feed them and is taking his responsibility very well, its very sweet to see what a caring little boy he is becoming. Sidney’s Bedroom is a camo/army haven. He is absolutely army bonkers, so I enjoyed adding some crochet to the theme (obvs). I made him a bedspread, a doorstop and a little basket for his hairbrush. I just love when everything has its place, and is neat and tidy and, of course, incased in wool somehow! 

My next mission is the kitchen. We have lived in our home for nearly 5 years now, and we are slowly making it ours. The kitchen is ‘ok’ to look at, but technically its falling apart. The dishwasher is the worst bit, but all the cupboards are starting to fall apart too. I am just a complete chicken to bite the bullet and do it. I hate relying on workmen and if one doesn’t show up, then the whole process gets delayed and i’m living in a nightmare. Just thinking about the disruption makes me stressed. 

I mentioned above that I like everything neat and tidy and in its place, I also NEED things to happen when the are supposed to. For example, if a plasterer says to me “I’ll be with you at 10am Monday morning” I take his word, if he then doesn’t show up, my anxiety goes into overdrive. My husband can just say “don’t worry” but its a real issue for me, I hate when things don’t go to plan or anyone lets me down, I know its ridiculous but I cannot control what it does to me. So thats exactly why I worry about even thinking about the kitchen. But it does need doing. God give me strength! 

Wool wise Ive been doing mostly crochet and its been mostly for the home, So i’m excited that I have just started a cardigan for myself. I go in and out of mojo, but at the minute I just want to make EVERYTHING! And with stocking up for the new web shop I’ve been even worse. So much temptation, its ridiculous. And of course I have lots of wipes hanging about wishing to be finished. One day! 

Number Four

I do hope this finds you and your loved ones well and happy. Im excited for you all to explore the new website and see what you think, and hopefully make some happy purchases. Im off to pack “goody bags” so when you do receive post from me, you’ll have an extra treat or two inside!!!

Lots of love and wooly hugs to you all, Sarah xxx

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