Who are we?

It’s hard to write an about us (me) section without it going on for pages and pages – I am such a chatterbox it’s hard to control myself! I’m also a huge believer in wool being good for your mind and soul, so my passion gets me talking even more!

I’ll try and stick to the task in hand and tell you a little story about Number Four and how it came to life from a little thought in my head…

I am Sarah. I have always loved art and craft, it was my favourite subject at school and I went on to study it at college but I never found my strength in any of the mediums. I was no good at drawing, graphic design, textiles, pottery, painting etc. I branched out a little further with photography, but still never found my one true love, or anything I felt proud of – all my friends were so much more talented than me, I felt like a cheat!

When I met my husband, I also met my now mother-in-law. She is a beautifully talented knitter and I envied her sitting on the sofa knitting whilst we chatted. Her knitting wasn’t like knitting I remembered, it was neat and pretty. Soon after, I learnt that my niece,  who was only at school at the time, was also knitting. I asked her to remind me how to do it, because I do recall someone showing me as a child, and soon enough it came back to me. I told my mother-in-law of my new desire to learn to knit, and she bought me a children’s knitting kit; it was so cute, I was determined to learn. I was not great at it, I made so many mistakes and never seemed to improve. On my birthday one of my best friends bought me a knitting and crochet magazine along with a voucher for a little craft shop. When I looked through the magazine, every single thing I wanted to make was crochet… and thats where the determination began!

In 2014, I gave birth to our son. I had no idea what was a going on but when he was around six months old it became apparent I was suffering from post-natal depression.

It was the worst feeling I’ve ever had and, to be honest, the most frightening thing I’ve ever been through. My husband took time out from his busy job to help me with our son and to give me a little TLC. It was at this time I decided to do something for ME, so, with my magazine in hand, I Googled ‘crochet lessons’ and found a lovely lady called Elaine. In no time at all we were sat in a lovely little cafe, hook in hand, I’ve never looked back. It was such a pleasant distraction from the chaos of my brain and I feel madly in love with it all.

We decided to move to Lincoln to give our son some roots; my husband is from here and his parents live in the area, so it seemed an obvious move. Lincoln is so crafty, I couldn’t believe my luck!  I found myself walking into a little craft shop called With Love from Lincolnshire on Burton road. It’s an amazing place where you rent a shelf and sell your crafts. I got chatting to the owner Pirjo, and in time found myself part of the team. I volunteered there on a Tuesday afternoon. It was a game changer for me. It was the first time I had had the courage to leave our son and have a whole afternoon to myself, sat surrounded by handmade amazingness and meeting new people. I loved every minute of it. As I sold my makes I would doodle ‘number four’ time and time again, I kept thinking it could be my ‘selling name’.

I knew this little venture, confidence and happiness  was heading in a new direction.

Fast forward just over a year and Pirjo encouraged me wholeheartedly to jump in at the deep end and set up my own shop two doors down from her. The best parts of my life have been quick decisions, so we threw caution to the wind and just went for it. I was going to open my own little wool shop.

It was a crazy time, learning how to become a stockist of brands, how to do books, what insurances you need, not to mention trying to understand what my customer base would like!

It took seven weeks from getting the keys to the shop to opening it – I don’t need to tell you how many hours of work we put in. During that time people would pop in and say how excited they were – there was amazing the buzz around it. I started up a Facebook page and it was popular so quickly, it was obvious Lincoln was ready for me and my wool shop!

And now to the present, the amazing little hub of Number Four, I could never have imagined how incredible this little business would be for me and my family. Not financially – I’d definitely earn more working at Mcdonalds! – but what it has brought to my mental health and therefore benefitting my family – heck, nobody wants a depressed Sarah, the happy one is so much nicer!

I am so proud of the community it has become, so many friendships made, new skills learnt and excitement for wool and all things wooly!

I am VERY passionate about supporting real life shops, small business and handmade. Personally I am not a fan of internet shopping, I would sooner travel for two hours to find a wool shop then to buy online, I have an addiction to sniffing wool and the internet just doesn’t let me do that. Everything has its place in this modern world and I understand how convenient search engines and saved credit card details can be, but to me and my loyal customers Number Four has become so much more than just somewhere to buy wool.

I am very passionate about teaching crochet and openly talk about what crochet has bought to my life – cheesy as it sounds, it saved it!

We are a hive of activity, with me teaching crochet and others teaching knitting, and not forgetting our super popular chat and craft social groups. I do the best prices I can, and have regular sales and incentives. I’m just so passionate about getting people into the world of wool and surrounding themselves with loveliness.

So there you have it. Number four ‘for the love of wool’  A local yarn store , bought to life from a fanatical crocheter (who by the way can now also knit) who found her passion through a very tough time, and wants everyone to love her shop, be inspired the moment you walk in, be encouraged to try new skills, believe in your abilities, and to adore the wool as much as I do!

I appreciate my customers so very much, when you choose to buy from me you keep my passion alive, you are supporting a small family of three (plus a dog!) and it means the little hub of happiness will remain open for all of those others who rely so heavily on it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this essay, I really hope that if you love wool now or in the future, number four will play a small little part in that love.

Biggest wooly hugs …. Sarah xxx

P.S. I named my business NUMBER FOUR because my Nan’s house was number four, and it was my most favourite, happy place ever! I couldn’t think of a more perfect name for my new happy place and to be able to think about my amazing Nan every time I say the words 🙂

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